‘Our disruptive technologies are highly effective yet kind to the environment’

Dr. Gracy Sailo-Lebeau 

Director of Technical Projects & Head of R&D

Protectus Viridis is formulated using approved biocides and REACH registered surfactants that interact synergistically, resulting in an environmentally responsible, water-based disinfectant. 

Proven efficacy against bacteria, enveloped viruses and yeasts. Food-safe and alcohol-free disinfectant, suitable for use in professional and domestic applications.

What is in Protectus Viridis™?


Protectus Viridis™ is made of 4 powerful ingredients.


Active + Organic Acids + Surfactant + Water


Our unique Viridis formulation enhances the efficacy of this active ingredient making it a powerful disinfectant. The main active ingredient is commonly used as preservative in leave-on cosmetics.

Organic Acids

Our exclusive combination of organic acids comply with the relevant regulations and function as pH regulators, further enhancing our long lasting chemical stability.


Our amphoteric surfactant is both cationic and anionic (positive and negative charges) which helps stabilises the formulation and deliver the active substance to the targeted pathogens.


Our unique formulation means our disinfectant can be dissolved in water, rather than harsh organic solvents, allowing it to be effectively applied.

Protectus Viridis is biodegradable.

How does Viridis™ Work?

Anti-bacterial mechanism

Protectus Viridis™ is 99.9999% effective against bacteria, such as MRSA and E.coli

Protectus Viridis Anti-bacterial Mechanism

Main Targets

  • Partially dissolves cell membrane.
  • Viridis increases the acidity and the cell is forced to expend energy correcting it.
  • Inside the cells, DNA replication is inhibited and highly reactive oxides from, causing cell death.

Source: Corbion

Anti-viral mechanism

Protectus Viridis™ is 99.999% effective against enveloped viruses, such as Coronaviruses and Noroviruses.

Protectus Viridis Antiviral Diagram

Main Targets

  • Organic acids bind to viral envelope and prevent infection of cells.
  • Proteins and lipids in the capsid are inactivated. 
  • Enveloped viruses are vulnerable to acidic conditions, denaturing them.

Protectus Viridis™ has been tested in independent accredited laboratories to a range of international standards and against various organisms as shown on our efficacy data and brochure.

Multiple Levels of Safe-Guarding

Residual Safe-Guarding

During application, Protectus solutions crystallises on surfaces, enabling it to remain active in a dried state. This barrier has been proven to remain intact for hours in mild abrasion environments.

Unlike traditional alcohol based disinfectants, Protectus solutions continue working when dry, ensuring efficacy in your environment between cleaning cycles.

Super Effective

Where other brands reach 99.9% effectiveness, Protectus solutions goes significantly better, reaching 99.999%, the level where the most harmful bacteria are found. With Protectus solutions, RBT have harnessed the strong biocidal properties of natural ingredients whilst remaining non toxic and kind on the environment.

RBT solutions have undergone a variety of tests at some of the world’s leading independent laboratories including Campden BRI, BluTest and Brill + Steinman. Results have demonstrated that Protectus meets bacteria, virus and fungi tests against 5 EN standards for a broad spectrum of organisms.

Protectus Viridis Concentrate IBC Family


Protectus Viridis Disinfectant Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes


Protectus Viridis Multi Surface Disinfectant 5L Refill and 750ml Trigger Spray

Multi Surface

Protectus Viridis Hand Hygiene Disinfectant Sanitiser Family


Protectus Viridis Fogging Misting Application

Misting & Spraying


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