Protectus Ultimate™ Super Concentrate


Significantly reduce the chances of infection and reduce the time and cost involved in staying protected.

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Protectus Ultimate™ Concentrate

  • Long shelf life before and after dilution.

  • Suitable for small and large scale operations.

  • Cost effective.

  • Water based, non-flammable formulation.

  • Alcohol and fragrance free.

  • Kills 99.999% of test organisms.

  • Halal approved.

  • Multiple applications.

  • PHMB is a proven antiseptic for wound dressing.

Refer to our SDS for storing Super Concentrate.

Effective – Efficient – Economical

Pathogenic viruses and bacteria pose a widespread and ever-growing global problem. These microbes spread rapidly, affecting a wide range of sectors and businesses, from healthcare to hospitality or agriculture. Protectus Ultimate™ is a water based, alcohol free disinfectant. It has been specifically developed for the disinfection of visibly clean, non-porous hard surfaces in a wide range of environments. Ultimate’s pH neutral formulation is proven gentle on materials whilst being tough on pathogens.

Protectus Ultimate™ provides longer lasting protection. In conventional alcohol or chlorine based disinfectants, the efficacy is quickly lost either due to evaporation or being inactivated with organic matter. This limits the effectiveness and suitability of such disinfectants where organic matter may be present or where a residual barrier from further contamination is required. Protectus Ultimate™ has proven to be residual efficacy for 24 hours according to PAS2424. A 3% Ultimate solution was also found to give a 99.99% reduction against Norovirus, 7 days after application.

Areas of use 

For disinfection of hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices and all other compatible surfaces. Effective on hard surfaces including: all food preparation areas, stainless steel, plastics, tiles, floors, walls, fridges, sanitary ware, renal medical devices and similar.

CE Mark Product 

Ultimate concentrate is also available to the medical industry as a CE marked concentrate supplied in 1000L IBCs.

About UsSimple dilution process

Protectus Ultimate™ concentrate is simple to dilute. Detailed instructions are available on request.

Protectus Ultimate Concentrate Dilution Process

Protectus Ultimate™ Super Concentrate

Protectus Ultimate Super Concentrate uses a unique formulation that continues to actively remain effective against harmful bacteria and pathogens even when dry.


  • 5L Jerry can refill
  • 1000L IBC

Where To Use:

Containing no alcohol, Ultimate trigger sprays are effective on all hard surfaces including: worktops, stainless steel, plastics, tiles, floors, walls, fridges and sanitary ware. Suitable for use on acrylic glass, acrylic surfaces and other plastic surfaces.

Protectus Ultimate Super Concentrate solutions are used in Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging machines, Knapsack sprayers, Backpack pressure sprayers as well as in disinfectant fogging booths and tunnels.

Protectus Ultimate Concentrate IBC Family

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