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Protected by science.


‘Effective, Evidence Based Disinfectant Solutions To Protect Our World’

Dr. Samuel van Eeden

CEO RBT Ireland


Long-Lasting Residual Efficacy Driven By Science.

Through our unique Residual Barrier Technology, surfaces and hands can remain germ-free for a longer period of time.

Protectus Viridis™ and Protectus Ultimate™ are Effective Against Coronaviruses

Officially recognised as effective against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) under EU Standards EN14476: 2013 +A2(2019)


Protectus Viridis™ & Protectus Ultimate™ Offer Long-Lasting, Active Residual Barriers

Water-based and biodegradable, Protectus Viridis™ and Protectus Ultimate™ have long-lasting residual efficacy and offer a stronger defense against pathogens


Safeguarding Your Health and Hygiene

From surface sanitisation to hand hygiene, we have a range of Ready-To-Use (RTU) anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral disinfectant solutions for various needs.


Medilink Award 2022 Innovation Disinfectant

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RBT Protectus Unique Selling Points Benefits

Effective against COVID-19

RBT is a global developer, formulator and manufacturer of hygiene and infection control products

Our Mission Is To Bring About A Change In How We Protect Both Us And Our World.

At Residual Barrier Technology Ireland Ltd (RBT), we value putting life and our environment first. RBT have developed a range of disinfectants and applications that are clinically tested to perform better, protect longer, be less harmful to the environment whilst saving you time and money in application.

Our disruptive technology protects a wide range of industries and sectors including healthcare, agriculture, public places and businesses.

​RBT products are available worldwide through our network of partners who are supported by our team of scientists, regulatory experts and commercial directors.

What Makes RBT Products Different?

The Protectus range of products are highly effective, fast acting, long lasting and environmentally sustainable.

Effective against COVID-19


Protectus Viridis™ is effective against Coronavirus. Read more
Sunway University Laboratory test findings. Click here

Protectus Viridis™ is dermatologically proven for use on sensitive skin 

Is your hand sanitiser damaging your skin? Read the report here

Protectus Viridis™ has undergone corrosion testing 

Is sanitiser corroding your surfaces? Read the report here

Testimonials & Reviews

So much better than alcohol hand sanitiser!

I have been using alcohol-based hand sanitisers and surface cleaning products for my entire life, never knowing water-based products existed… Recently, after using so much alcohol on my hands with traditional hand sanitisers, I have been experiencing dry hands, skin sensitivity and in some cases, rashes 🙁 but after experiencing RBT’s Viridis Hand Hygiene – I have not had anymore sensitivity or rashes and feel my hands are hydrated instead of dry! Thank you for your amazing product!

Steve M.
Protectus Viridis Hand Hygiene

I love these Wet Wipes!

Using Ultimate wet wipes gives me peace of mind, knowing that the surfaces I wipe in my house remain clean for a period of time, protecting me and my family. I always assumed alcohol wipes made a layer of protection keeping the surface clean. After reading more about how RBT products work, I was soon educated that traditional alcohol products dont protect a surface after drying like I assumed..

Maria J.
Protectus Ultimate Wet Wipes

Thank you RBT

Thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I’ve had considerable time to research. The amount of damaging, toxic and dangerous effects of long-term alcohol exposure (in cases of hand sanitiser) is scary and should not be taken lightly! I would highly recommend the use of Water-Based disinfectant / sanitiser products, especially if they are equally as effective as traditional disinfectants. Thank you RBT for providing so much information and evidence supporting water-based products.

Rory O'C.
Protectus Ultimate Concentrate, Protectus Viridis Concentrate

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